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Debiopharm Academy

A new season begins

Debiopharm Academy comes back with 2 new conferences. Come and meet our experts, directors & CEOs who will share with you their day-to-day experience of the pharmaceutical industry.

Debiopharm Academy aims to promote constructive conversation between academia and industry, by sharing experiences and understanding of today’s challenges. Each Debiopharm Academy conference covers a specific topic focusing on the operational side of a development drug company such as: personalized medicine, drug manufacturing, new business models, project management, intellectual property or new drug screening.

Launched in September 2013, Debiopharm Academy conferences are intended for university students and professors from both the EPFL and Université de Lausanne (UNIL).

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Conferences program

23 April 2015
Manuela Perraudin
Christine Deuschel
Hiroaki Tanaka
clock from 18:00 to 20:00
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situation EPFL - room SV 1717A

Masters, PhD or MBA? What is the best degree for a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical industry is driven by knowledge, expertise, research, experimentation and innovation. Academic degrees are not the only path to successful careers but they do provide a good starting point. This conference will show you how to manage your career in an environment that is both scientific and business-oriented. What are the benefits of having a Masters, an MBA or a PhD? How to get ready to move from a scientific position in an academic lab to a job in the industry? Are there any particular skills that lead to success? Our speakers will provide answers based on their personal experience in the medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

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Speaker One Image Manuela Perraudin MBA,
Director Human Resources
Debiopharm International

Speaker Two Image
Christine Deuschel Ph.D., MBA
Vice President Portfolio & PMO
Debiopharm International

Speaker Three Image
Hiroaki Tanaka Ph.D., MBA
Director Personalized Medicine
Debiopharm International