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In 1979, convinced that many useful therapeutic products were abandoned before reaching their full potential, Dr Rolland-Yves Mauvernay founded the Swiss-based Debiopharm Group™. More than 35 years later, he is still driven by the passion to discover innovative molecules for the treatment of serious medical conditions.

Having started with only two people, Dr Mauvernay (Founder & Co-President) now heads with his son Mr Thierry Mauvernay (Co-President & Delegate of the Board) a group of 420 employees with about 400 external consultants. Together, they are fully committed to today's group activities and plan the future to ensure long-term continuity.

A key management principle in the Company, is "know what you don't know and where to find the expertise needed". Another principle is to know when to stop a development and to understand what one can learn from the failures of a drug development. What eventually matters is to be persistent, to develop intelligent collaborations and to have a vision of what the future can hold.

More importantly, relationships between people and the quality of Debiopharm Group's collaborators have contributed most to pave the way to the group's success.

The two words that best describe the strength and energy of Debiopharm Group™ are: collective intelligence.

"Over the years, we have learnt to know when we should stop. Our failures have enabled us to move forward, to identify new paths and to reach for success; but the key of all our achievements is the interconnection between our people and our motivation to develop for patients."