Are you a startup looking for funding?

We invest in Smart Data & Digital Health (focusing on the oncology and infectious disease applications)

If your company fits in our investment focus, feel free to contact us via our contact form

What we look for in a company

  • Investment round

    A or B, our initial investment can be in the range of $1M – 10M

  • Pre-commercial to commercial stage

    Large pilots and early clients to validate commercial interest

  • Strong management

    Management team with entrepreneurial and industry experience.

  • Innovative technology

    Product answering a need with a clear USP. Market with tangible entry barriers.

  • Executive plan

    Well defined operational plan and commercial strategy with a realistic budget.

What we bring as investors

  • Active participation in the board of directors

  • Pharma & healthcare development, regulatory and market expertise

  • Experience in growing small companies

  • Focus on long term value creation



Are you looking for an investor for your smart data or digital health company? Please use the contact form to get in touch!

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