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At Debiopharm, The Patient is President

Through successful partnerships we have built a truly leading global biopharmaceutical development group. Our professionals provide the passion and inspiration to bring important new medicines to market. Our marketed products provide us with the financial resources to maintain a robust pipeline of promising drug candidates; and our partners’ new discoveries fuel our pipeline with innovative small molecules, biologics and siRNAs.

Thierry et Rolland MauvernayThierry B. Mauvernay
President & Delegate of the Board

Dr Rolland-Yves Mauvernay
Founder of Debiopharm Group





Since 1979, our drug development experience, project management expertise and financial strength have enabled us to take full entrepreneurial responsibility for product development through to regulatory approval. Because of our unique size and private status, we are able to pursue a wide variety of projects and establish partnerships where our interests are closely shared.

We have now built a team of well over 420 dedicated professionals and a vast international network of external experts who support all the development work pertaining to the projects for the time being in our pipeline. Our team’s objective is to bring innovative drugs to the largest number of patients worlwide rapidly, through a focused and multidisciplinary approach, capitalizing on the experience, creativity and intelligence of our staff and network. We strongly believe that success comes not only from our technical expertise, but also from the creativity, passion and tenacity of our team.

Social and corporate responsibility is part of our ethical standards. To contribute to the health of our planet, we continually review and improve our efforts to reduce the burden on our environment. It is our wish that we build our scientific and business decisions on actions geared towards sustainable development, including social, environmental and economic issues.

We are looking to be your partner of choice, taking on full financial and managerial responsibility for your entire project, while sharing in the success together.

Formulation & chemical synthesis

Debiopharm International SA R&D Unit

EPFL Innovation Park
Bâtiment G
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Drug development & Business deals

Debiopharm International SA + Debiopharm Investment SA

Chemin Messidor 5-7
CH-1002 Lausanne

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Drug research & manufacturing

Debiopharm Research & Manufacturing S.A. + Debiopharm Innovation Fund S.A.

Rue du Levant 146
CH-1920 Martigny

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Rapid diagnostic devices

GenePOC Inc.

360 rue Franquet, porte 3
G1P 4N3 Québec

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