Debiopharm acquires a majority holding in the Canadian start-up GenePOC

Lausanne, Switzerland – 13 July, 2016 – Following the acquisition by Debiopharm Group (Debiopharm) of all the shares in GenePOC, Inc. (GenePOC) held by Emerillon Capital, a limited partnership (Emerillon Capital) the 11th of July of this year, and Debiopharm’s acquisition of an additional equity stake in GenePOC, Debiopharm Group, Emerillon Capital and GenePOC, Inc. are happy to announce the integration of GenePOC within Debiopharm Group. Thanks to the support of Debiopharm Group, which is particularly active in the diagnostics field, GenePOC aims to pursue sustained development of its technology for the prevention and early detection of infectious diseases based on a unique centripetal technology platform, with a view to putting the first test on the market during 2016.

“A new page in the history of diagnostics will be written today to the great benefit of patients. We are very happy to have identified, empowered and supported this Quebec-based project since its inception. We wish to congratulate the whole team behind this adventure, without which nothing would have been possible, as well as Debiopharm as the lead investor. We also wish to thank the founder of GenePOC, Michel G. Bergeron, and the CEO, Patrice Allibert, for their passion and leadership”, indicated Ludovic André, Managing Director at Emerillon Capital

“We are very happy to welcome GenePOC to Debiopharm Group. Diagnostics has been an integral part of our development strategy for over a decade. We are convinced that this is the future of medicine and are striving to put these tests on the market quickly to improve patient care. We are pleased to associate ourselves with an excellent team,” added Thierry Mauvernay, Co-President and Delegate of the Board of Debiopharm Group.

“The vision and the support of our initial investors has allowed us to take the GenePOC technology to the brink of commercialization. The engagement and confidence of Debiopharm will certainly lead us on to a medical and commercial success”, concluded Patrice Allibert, PhD, President and CEO of GenePOC.

About Debiopharm Group
Debiopharm Group™ is a Swiss-based global biopharmaceutical group of four companies active in the development and manufacture of drugs and diagnostics tools. Debiopharm focuses on developing prescription drugs that target unmet medical needs. The group in-licenses and develops promising drug candidates. The products are commercialized by pharmaceutical out-licensing partners to give access to the largest number of patients worldwide.
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About Emerillon Capital
Based in Montreal, Emerillon Capital is a venture capital fund dedicated to investing and supporting companies with strong technological expertise that are positioned in sectors with strong growth potential. It aims to accelerate commercial start-ups and support their expansion. Emerillon Capital invests primarily in Canada. By leveraging the network of CM-CIC Investissement, its lead sponsor, Emerillon Capital offers entrepreneurs a gateway to support their development projects in Europe.
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About GenePOC
Based in the Canadian city of Quebec, GenePOC Inc. is a private company that develops affordable, rapid molecular tests to identify infectious agents in point-of-care settings. GenePOC has developed a portable, simple and comprehensive tool for the prevention and early detection of infectious diseases based on a unique centripetal technology platform.
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