Establishing tomorrow’s standard of care

What seems impossible today may be possible tomorrow

We develop for patients
For 40 years we have been committed to improve patient lives. With the heritage of our successful two standard-of-care therapies for prostate & colorectal cancer, we relentlessly aspire to identify and develop innovative treatments.

Cancer and antibiotic resistance are both critical health issues
Our pipeline reflects our commitment to provide solutions to unmet medical needs in oncology and infectious diseases.

What we look for

In-licensing opportunities

  • Small molecules, antibodies and peptides

  • From preclinical candidate to clinical phase I

  • Cancer therapies or antibiotics

  • Demonstrated mechanism of action

  • Preclinical efficacy data

Out-licensing partners

  • Expertise in our oncology and infectious diseases

  • Late clinical development capabilities

  • Established sales force

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Would like to partner with us? You have an interesting opportunity in oncology or bacterial infection? You would like to commercialize one of our products? Let's talk

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