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Working at Debiopharm

Approximately 400 people are employed at Debiopharm Group™ on its sites. More than 70% are scientists (MDs, PhDs, pharmacists). Debiopharm’s employees come from 20 different countries, with ca 57% of women and 43% of men.

In addition to our internal expertise, we also work with an extensive international network of experts, enabling us to tap into top-level scientific, development and business capabilities.

We are a globally active group and we strive to recruit highly competent, flexible and hard-working people for each position. Job openings are regularly listed on this website. Should there be no current opening, you may send a spontaneous job application using the forms.

Fairness, equal opportunities, internal promotions (when applicable) are features of Debiopharm's values. Debiopharm is an equal opportunity employer and recruitment is based on some skills and fit to the position and potential of integration. Our collaborators represent a wide range of talents, experiences and backgrounds. Throughout the group we have over 18 different nationalities with 58% of women and 42% of men.

We are committed to fighting gender, race, religion and sexual discrimination and abide by the human rights principles, as well as national laws regarding employment. Our collaborators are offered fair remuneration, adequate social coverage, flexible working hours and competitive employment conditions.

Risk prevention and health of our employees are priority for us. Procedures, adequate equipment and specific measures to protect them have been implemented and adapted to each professional characteristics and environment.

All our sites are equipped with defibrillators in the event of heart failure and key employees are trained to use this equipment as well as rescue training. All our facilities are smoke free.