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ID Week 2016

ID Week 2016
October 26-30, 2016ALL EVENTS

30 August 2016 / international

Debiopharm invests double digit millions in the Canadian startup GenePOC, specialized in the development of rapid diagnostic tests [Read more]

13 July 2016 / international

Debiopharm acquires a majority holding in the Canadian start-up GenePOC [Read more]

11 July 2016 / international

Grand succès du Challenge Debiopharm Inartis [Read more]


02 June 2016

FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation to Debiopharm International SA’s IAP inhibitor Debio 1143 in the treatment of ovarian cancer [Read more]

15 April 2016

Debiopharm International SA announces presentation at AACR of non-clinical data relating to its targeted investigational compound Debio 1347/CH5183284, a selective FGFR 1,2,3 inhibitor [Read more]

08 April 2016

Debiopharm International SA to present the latest findings on Debio 1450 at ECCMID [Read more]


18 December 2014

Debiopharm Investment, Ardian, Nixdorf Foundation and Bernis today acquire Eco Delta solar activities [Read more]

27 November 2014

Debiopharm Investment becomes a minority shareholder in Haut-Lac International Bilingual School in St-Légier (VD) [Read more]

17 November 2014

Coorpacademy, établi à l’EPFL et l’un des leaders des MOOCs à destination des entreprises, lève 3,2 millions d’euros auprès de Debiopharm Investment et du fonds français NextStage [Read more]


21 June 2016

Population pharmacokinetic analysis of the IAPs antagonist Debio 1143 and its major metabolite in oncologic patients [Read more]

30 April 2016

Phase 1 Study of Debio 1143 with Concurrent Chemo-Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck Y. [Read more]

21 April 2016

FGFR selective inhibitor Debio1347 induces tumor regressions in FGFR2-altered gastric cancer PDX models [Read more]


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