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Nordic Life Science Days 2015

Nordic Life Science Days 2015
September 09-10, 2015ALL EVENTS

16 June 2015 / international

Debiopharm International SA acquires FibroTrap sample processing technology from Spinomix [Read more]

19 May 2015 / international

Debiopharm International SA Announces Phase III Positive Results for Triptorelin 6-month Formulation in the Management of Central Precocious Puberty (CPP) [Read more]

23 April 2015 / international

Debiopharm International SA initiates clinical phase II study evaluating Debio 1450 in Staphylococcal skin infections [Read more]


16 April 2015

Debiopharm International SA announces results of 2 key oncology programs at 2015 AACR Conference [Read more]

18 November 2014

Debiopharm Group™ presents advances of two key oncology clinical programs at the 26th EORTC-NCI-AACR symposium in Barcelona [Read more]

21 October 2014

Debiopharm Group™ s’engage auprès du TELETHON avec un partenariat de soutien [Read more]


18 December 2014

Debiopharm Investment, Ardian, Nixdorf Foundation and Bernis today acquire Eco Delta solar activities [Read more]

27 November 2014

Debiopharm Investment becomes a minority shareholder in Haut-Lac International Bilingual School in St-Légier (VD) [Read more]

17 November 2014

Coorpacademy, établi à l’EPFL et l’un des leaders des MOOCs à destination des entreprises, lève 3,2 millions d’euros auprès de Debiopharm Investment et du fonds français NextStage [Read more]


10 June 2015

Information letter - Yakult, our partner in Japan, announced the approval of Elplat in Gastric Cancer [Read more]

29 May 2015

Phase I Dose-escalation Study with Extended Daily Administration of Debio 1143, an Oral Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein Inhibitor, in Patients with Solid Tumors [Read more]

19 May 2015

Triptorelin 6-month Formulation Shows Good Efficacy and Safety in Patients with Central Precocious Puberty (CPP) [Read more]


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