Corporate Responsibility

Through corporate responsibility we aim to positively contribute to society and the environment by taking care of the planet and the people we share it with.

What we strive for

  • Improving patient quality of life through continuous innovation

  • Taking care of our people by providing a rewarding workplace

  • Being a trustworthy partner

  • Minimizing the negative impact of our actions on the planet

  • Actively engaging in the communities we work in and with

We are proud of

Equal pay certification

We believe that all forms of diversity are a valuable source of creativity and innovation.  Promoting equality in the workplace is part of our DNA and supported by longstanding policies to manage pay rigorously.
Our equal pay analysis was carried out with the support of Willis Towers Watson in our Lausanne headquarters and with CEPEC in our Martigny production site, world leading experts in compensation.

The analysis and the results were then validated by an independent auditor in compliance with the Swiss Law. As a result of fully living our values, we are extremely proud to report that we pay men and women equally for equal work! In other words, we do not have a pay equity gap between men and women.

our commitment

  • To our people

    Providing a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace in which complementary teams can work together to achieve collective success

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  • To the environment

    ​Preserving our planet by promoting energy efficiency and taking sustainable actions internally

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  • To communities

    Getting involved in communities by participating in responsible and inclusive activities

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  • To patients

    Giving access to our products to a maximum of patients throughout the world

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  • To governance

    ​​Setting the company on the right course, keeping an agile structure to ensure continuity

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