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Partnering with lemanic institutions to accelerate the translation of scientific innovation into new anti-cancer and anti-infective treatments


The Lemanic region has a rich ecosystem of scientific, academic and pharmaceutical organizations that focus on new breakthrough therapies for cancer patients. Through IDEAL, Debiopharm is aiming to accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries of the Lemanic region into therapeutic innovation with a global reach. The initiative will allow Debiopharm to establish pre-agreed collaborations with academic and medical institutions to enable researchers to mature and tailor early-stage innovations in the field of oncology and antibiotics, with the financial support of Debiopharm, up to a stage where promising programs could be in-licensed for further development

How does IDEAL work?

You can help us to bring the next breakthrough treatment to patients

  • A simple application process and quick decision on funding
  • Feedback and support from Debiopharm and the institute’s technology transfer office
  • A collaboration opportunity with Debiopharm which will avoid the “valley of death”, the phase between successful innovation outcome and a deal with a pharmaceutical company.
The process of the IDEAL initiative

At the end of your study a final report of your research and results will be sent to the Steering Committee for evaluation.

  • For programs that could advance to become a Debiopharm development program, Debiopharm will enter into negotiation for a collaboration.
  • If the Steering Committee concludes that Debiopharm will not embark in the future development of the project, the institute will be free to exploit the results at their discretion.

Our current partners

  • Université de Genève - Involved in most cutting-edge sectors and active in interdisciplinary research


    Institut des Sciences pharmaceutiques de Suisse occidentale - Conducts research to discover new therapeutic agents and develop novel formulation and delivery strategies

Frédéric Lévy Chief Scientific Officer, Search & Evaluation and Scientific Innovation

You would like to join the IDEAL program? We are always looking for new collaborations!

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