BC Platforms announces the acquisition of 4Pharma Ltd

Our portfolio company BC Platforms (BCP) announces the acquisition of 4Pharma Ltd, a well-established contract research organization providing medical research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. This collaboration brings together the expertise of BC Platforms in compliant, rich, global data networks and real-world data (RWD) and research platform technology solutions with 4Pharma’s services strengths in drug development support, data submission strategies, clinical study design, and analysis.

This exciting acquisition of the excellent 4Pharma brings impressive healthcare data intelligence expertise. It aligns with our vision to build a world leading analytics platform to enable the pharmaceutical industry’s advancement of precision medicine, improving the efficiency of drug development and patient outcomes. This expands our service offering to healthcare and life sciences customers, as well as connecting data partners in a global, interoperable federated network. We combine omics and clinical data assets around the world, without compromising data privacy and security. This enables our customers to conduct novel research and discover fascinating new insights to advance healthcare which are fundamental to helping patients receive better treatments and care.

said Tero Silvola, CEO at BC Platforms.

Access to their full press release here