Carevive Launches the commercialization of Computerized Cancer Symptom Management Pathways

Our portfolio company Carevive,  announced the launch of Carevive STAIRS™, a computerized cancer symptom management pathways. This first-ever commercialized cancer symptom management pathways, Carevive STAIRS™, will reduce hospitalizations and improve cancer clinic processes.

With Carevive PROmpt®, patients are systematically monitored remotely every week, and the care team is notified electronically when patients report symptoms that may require clinical intervention. With the launch of Carevive STAIRS™, when nurses or MAs receive a notification, they can now use structured, decision-tree-based questions when following up with patients to triage and assess symptoms, and the system will offer recommended evidence-based management strategies for consideration. Carevive STAIRS™ workflow allows the clinician to easily approve a course of action electronically, with automatic documentation of the entire encounter in the patient’s EHR. Thereby nurses and providers are comforted by the knowledge that they are following evidence-based recommendations for triage, assessment, and symptom management, while patients are comforted by the knowledge that they are being monitored outside the clinic and that the care team will call them when needed.

Carevive PROmpt® plus Carevive STAIRS™ will allow nurses to proactively monitor their patients’ experience and intervene early.  Our structured evidence-based frameworks will allow nurses to work more efficiently and at the top of their license, which is critical in this era of limited care team bandwidth and staffing shortages. I’m so proud of Carevive’s offerings that meaningfully improve the patient experience and their treatment outcomes.

said Madelyn Trupkin Herzfeld, Carevive’s Founder and Vice Chairman.

Access to their full press release here