Carevive Partners with Datavant to Connect Carevive SMART Data™ and Advance Life Science Research

Our portfolio company announced a collaboration with Datavant to de-identify and connect Carevive’s oncology patient experience data (SMART Data™) in order to support life sciences companies engaged in health economics and outcomes research, clinical development planning and post-market observational studies. With this partnership, Carevive is making an important step with its Data strategy and business growth with Life Sciences.

They are now able to enrich their unique datasets with data from claims, mortality, genomics, lab data.. and therefore, create a new set of innovative use cases for its Life Science clients, also for its Health Systems.

With Datavant we can offer life sciences companies a rich understanding of patients’ symptoms, activity levels, and a variety of quality of life measures and connect these data to other real-world data for an unparalleled understanding of cancer patients’ experiences with new therapies.

said Bruno Lempernesse, CEO of Carevive


Access to their full press release here