Carevive acquired by Health Catalyst

We’re thrilled to announce that our portfolio company, Carevive, has been acquired by Health Catalyst, a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations. This milestone reflects our deep commitment to support companies reimaging cancer care pathways and transforming clinical development with new insights uncovered from real-world data. We have been part of Carevive’s journey since first investing in the company in 2020.

Carevive empowers cancer patients by integrating patient-reported outcomes, EHR data, and evidence-based guidelines, improving care management and patient engagement. Proactive management of  side effects has been shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital utilization. Additionally, Carevive transforms this real-world data into valuable insights for the pharmaceutical industry.

Health Catalyst recognized Carevive’s distinctive role at the intersection of cancer care and cancer research. By accessing Health Catalyst’s advanced technology and analytics platform,  Carevive is set to soar even higher, providing innovative solutions to cancer centers and offering researchers unparalleled access to real-world data.

Bruno Lempernesse, CEO of Carevive, shares:

Carevive is poised to deliver even more innovative solutions to cancer centers and provide researchers with unparalleled real-world data. Together, we’re shaping a future where patient-centered care and groundbreaking research converge seamlessly.

We wish Carevive a successful future as part of the Health Catalyst family.

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