Setting the company on the right course

Keeping an agile structure to ensure continuity, operating with excellence to pursue our impactful objectives

Family shareholding brings stability and a long-term vision with the aim of sustaining the group, particularly our business in the health sector, in a world that is evolving faster and faster and is facing numerous challenges linked to demographics, climate change and a technological revolution

Our Strong Values

The management team, composed of diversified and complementary profiles, incorporates the company’s values

  • Agility

    Being flexible and adaptable

  • Efficiency

    Being efficient to be sustainable

  • Passion

    Getting involved to ensure we achieve our goals

  • Ethics

    Always having words and actions based on fairness and morality

  • Creativity

    Searching for ever more effective means

  • Commitment

    Creating a spirit of solidarity by putting common interests first

Our Strategic Committee

Debiopharm’s strategic committee is composed of active and experienced people who are leaders in their fields. This committee allows us to consider new trends and challenge our positioning and practices in order to adapt for the future

Financial Compliance

We self impose a disciplined approach in line with the highest standards supported by our Compliance Department handling the respect of the rules and regulations in vigor. Accounts are audited across our group by independent external auditors in the quarter following the closing date

Corporate Integrity

Acting with integrity, transparency and ethics is our model to have a positive impact on the society and to be a trustworthy partner. We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and sustainable business practices. We respect and proactively support human rights

  • Code of conduct
    Our code of conduct and anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy establishes the rules and behavior for all employees and third parties acting on its behalf. Any deviation or violation of the code is not tolerated.

  • Data protection 
    Our Data Protection meets the highest standards, with all employees completing compulsory training

  • Frameworks
    We aim to be compliant with national and international frameworks at all levels.

  • Clinical Trials
    Our clinical studies are conducted in industrialized countries only

  • Agility 
    We remain agile in times of health crisis: To ensure our ethical and economic commitment to our partners, to physicians and to guarantee the patients access to treatment through stock anticipation, risk management and production rate acceleration if needed.

Long-term partnership

We build and maintain trustworthy relationships with our partners based on open and constructive dialogue. More than alliances, we consider each company we collaborate with as a “trusted, long-term partner”. Our triptorelin commercial partnerships are a solid example. Through our partners and their regional efforts over the past 30 years, triptorelin has become a standard of care for prostate cancer patients.  One of our partnerships was recent recognized with the ASAP alliance award for our 35-year-old collaboration with Ipsen was extended another 15 years in 2019

  • Partners in total
    15 commercial alliances,
    6 development alliance (4 licensors, 2 licensees)

  • Awards received
    From partners 1 award ASAP long term partnership Ipsen-Debiopharm,
    2 awards from Aché, our Brazilian partner.

Years of trusted partnership

>10 years
Pfizer (Dacplat®), Dr. Reddy’s (Pamorelin®)
>15 years
Yakult (Elplat®), Ferring (Decapeptyl®)
>20 years
Dr. Reddy’s laboratories (Dacotin®)
>25 years
Sanofi (Eloxatin®), Tecnofarma (Decapeptyl®)
>30 years
Aché (Neo Decapeptyl®)
>35 years
Ipsen (Decapeptyl®)