Offering access to our products to the maximum number of patients throughout the world

Reducing the barriers that prevent access to our products, in order to reach a maximum amount of patients who benefit from our treatments.

A real patient-centric business model

Our priority is to develop medicines and diagnostics that significantly improve patient’s lives. We take actions to extend patients reach in countries where access to healthcare is a complex challenge. We are committed to bring our products where people need them.

Extending Patient reach

  • Extending the indications to treat more patients

    In addition to treat prostate cancer, Triptoreline is now delivered to children and women as a treatment for CPP (Central Precoce Puberty) and endometriosis. It has recently been available in Switzerland to treat patients with breast cancer.

  • Offering preferential prices

    To adapt to the market: India, Asia

  • Reaching developing countries

    Since 2015, we are committed to work with different key partners to commercialize Triptoreline outside Europe, the USA and other developed countries. We are now focusing on developing countries. A recent example is Indonesia which is covered since autumn 2021

Adding true value to patients with unmet needs

  • Our investment in antibiotics

    We believe in the urgent need for new antibiotics to respond to the rising threat of bacterial epidemics.  Antibiotic development is quite costly yet market prices remain low, discouraging research investment. Despite this issue, we still aim to develop new antibacterial treatments in response to the urgent need while remaining hopeful that a new business model will emerge.

  • Donation to the EOCRT

    We support the European Organisation for Cancer Research and Treatment in their research on ultra-rare diseases such salivary gland cancer

  • Compassionate use

    Even after a clinical trial is over, we continue providing treatment to patients who have been enrolled in clinical studies and who have responded well

A strong patient centric approach

  • Providing information to patients

    We offer disease education and clinical trial information on one of our sites, encouraging people to speak to their doctors about any appropriate research in their region

  • Understanding patient needs

    We organize « Patient Days » to help employees to better understand patient experience and their actual needs through conferences. Patients are invited to share their disease journey with Debiopharm employees

In a few numbers

  • 1,400,000 patients benefit from our innovations each year

  • 23 clinical trials in progress (July 2021)

  • 102 countries where triptorelin is approved

  • 729 patients enrolled in on-going clinical trials (July 2021)