Facing the crisis of COVID-19 together

As we face the unprecidented coronavirus crisis, Debiopharm is working with healthcare industry partners to leverage the maximum amount of resources and capabilities to fight against this global pandemic. We recognize that everyone has a vital role in the work to overcome and eradicate this serious viral threat. We are leveraging everything in our expertise, development compounds and investment portfolio to take quick, smart actions to benefit patients as soon as possible

Protecting our employees and their families

Safety first

At Debiopharm, we’re doing everything possible to protect our employees and their families during this crisis including having the vast majority of our staff working from home. For those whose work requires laboratory presence, they are continuing their efforts while adhering to the government security measures,  to produce our commercialized medicines for our worldwide partners and experimental compounds for ongoing clinical research.

We are still working to produce our commercialized medicines

Supporting our investment portfolio companies to offer rapid solutions

Immunexpress & Biocartis

Over the last few weeks, we have been contributing to the acceleration of the distribution of the Immunexpress diagnostic test on the Biocartis platform, which is designed to monitor the body’s immunity responses to an infectious disease. On March 26th, our molecular diagnostics portfolio company Immuneexpress Inc. in collaboration with Biocartis, announced having received CE marking for their SeptiCyte® RAPID technology that can support the improved efficiency of COVID-19 patient triage for bacterial vs. viral sepsis. As Chinese physicians have reported sepsis to be one of the most frequently observed complications associated with COVID-19 mortality, early diagnosis can contribute to prompt initiation of sepsis management and potentially save lives.

a Debiopharm portfolio company

Leveraging Solutions to Prevent & Treat COVID-19

Coronavirus Task Force

In reponse to the current crisis, Debiopharm has established a Coronavirus Task Force with the mission of swiftly providing all medical staff and patients with the necessary technology and products available to Debiopharm in order to prevent and treat COVID-19. This interdisciplinary team, across functions and partners, is actively coordinating projects in the areas of diagnostics, treatment and monitoring of COVID-19 patients, either sourced from Debiopharm’s internal projects or from our investment portfolio companies. We will keep the public updated on advances that can help save lives of coronavirus patients worldwide.