Debiopharm International working with Kaiku Health for digital patient monitoring in prostate cancer

Kaiku Health, a Debiopharm Investment Fund portfolio company, is developing a project in patient reported outcomes with Debiopharm International to help patients with prostate cancer. Kaiku’s digital patient monitoring platform has proven in the clinic to be well appreciated by patients, allowing the patient to communicate easily at any time with their care team. Likewise the healthcare providers find the ability to follow-up on patients daily at distance and capture quality of life and symptoms is very valuable, for improved care and an efficient workflow.

The platform is being used in several Swiss hospitals and clinics in support of patients treated with Triptorelin and other therapies. This is an example of how Debiopharm is embracing digital technology to improve patients’ outcomes and demonstrates how Kaiku Health works with pharmaceutical companies, as seen also in the recently announced collaboration of Kaiku Health with Roche in immune-oncology.