Immunexpress Closes USD 6 Million Financing Round led by Debiopharm Group™

Lausanne, Switzerland and Seattle, WA, USA – March 5, 2014 – Immunexpress Group (Immunexpress) and Debiopharm Diagnostics SA (Debiopharm), today announced the securing of six million U.S. dollars from a financing round, led by Debiopharm. The funding will be used to advance development of the Immunexpress SeptiCyte® technology and bring one of the company’s late-stage sepsis diagnostic products through to market.

Immunexpress is a molecular diagnostic company committed to improving outcomes for patients with, or at risk of, sepsis. Debiopharm Diagnostics SA is part of the Swiss-based global biopharmaceutical group of companies Debiopharm Group™, with a focus on investment in cutting edge diagnostic companies.

“The early detection of sepsis is critical. This revolutionary technology will utilize the early immune response to sepsis and potentially lead to a more targeted treatment approach for each patient, which may provide better outcomes for the patients who present with this life-threatening condition,” said Thierry Mauvernay, Delegate of the Board of Debiopharm Group. “Debiopharm and Immunexpress have been collaborating since June 2012 on the development of one of the Immunexpress investigational products for triaging patients in Emergency Rooms. We are impressed by their work and are confident that the future of sepsis management lies in the use of their innovative diagnostic technology.”

“This is an important milestone for Immunexpress and, ultimately, for the health care community worldwide which is in need of new, improved methods to more quickly and accurately identify and diagnose patients suspected of sepsis,” said Dr Roslyn Brandon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Immunexpress. “Support and funding from Debiopharm will provide us with the resources necessary to advance and commercialize our proprietary SeptiCyte® technology for critical care patients.”

About Sepsis
Sepsis is a life-threatening illness caused by the immune system’s response to an infection. Sepsis occurs when chemicals released into the bloodstream to fight the infection and modulate the patient’s immune response trigger a generalized inflammation throughout the body. It is thought that the inflammation creates microscopic blood clots that can prevent nutrients and oxygen from reaching organs, causing them to fail. Severe sepsis can rapidly deteriorate to septic shock, often leading to organ failure and death. Most people recover from mild sepsis, but the mortality rate for severe sepsis or septic shock is nearly 50%.

Globally, there are 18 million cases of diagnosed sepsis per year and the incidence is rising at 8 to 10% annually – which is in line with an ageing population in the developed world and an increase in patients with compromised immune systems. However, healthy people can also develop and become ill from sepsis.

About SeptiCyte® Technology
The Immunexpress first-in-class SeptiCyte® technology quantifies multiple specific molecular markers from the patient’s own immune system (‘host response’) for earlier diagnosis, detection, triage, screening, severity assessment, and ultimately for better timing and targeting of drug and other therapies. Results from Immunexpress clinical trials show that biomarkers of the patient’s immune response are more accurate and instructive than pathogen detection for the early detection and management of sepsis. By translating complex molecular signals in an objective score, SeptiCyte® technology provides reports on disease probabilities – aiding clinicians in the management of people with sepsis for improved clinical and economic outcomes. The SeptiCyte® technology is the basis for a range of investigational products in the Immunexpress pipeline.

About Immunexpress Group
Immunexpress is a molecular diagnostic company committed to improving outcomes for patients with, and, at risk of, sepsis. The core competency of Immunexpress is the clinical validation of genomic and proteomic biomarkers, and the translation of these novel biomarkers into clinical diagnostic and monitoring assays for readily available platforms, including point-of-care (POC). Immunexpress is a privately-held group of companies with locations in Brisbane, Australia and Seattle, USA. For more information about Immunexpress, please visit:

About Debiopharm Group™
Debiopharm Group™ is a Swiss-based global biopharmaceutical group of 4 companies active in drug development, GMP manufacturing of proprietary drugs, diagnostics, and investments. Debiopharm Diagnostics SA invests in companies developing cutting edge platforms or content in diagnostics in order to support development of new technologies and complement in-house diagnostics activities. For more information about Debiopharm Group™, please visit: