2006 Mauvernay Research Excellence Award

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, November 20, 2006 – The Debiopharm Group (Debiopharm), a global independent biopharmaceutical development company specialising in oncology and serious medical conditions, today honored Dr Frank E. Jones, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and program member at the Tulane Cancer Center, with the 2006 Mauvernay Research Excellence Award for his outstanding achievements in the field of advanced metastatic breast cancer.

Dr Jones receives the award in recognition of his research entitled: “Selective Activation of Tumor cell Apoptosis by a Stabilized Peptidomimetic Representing the BH3-Domain of ERBB4/HER4” in which he postulates that the therapeutic peptidomimetics representing the ERBB4 BH3 “death domain” will retain the tumor cell specific killing activity, avoiding the devastating side-effects of current metastatic cancer treatments. The ERBB4/HER- family of receptor tyrosine kinases are major players during the metastatic progression of human cancer.

Dr Rolland-Yves Mauvernay, President and CEO of Debiopharm congratulated Dr Jones on his pioneering research:

“Not only has Dr Jones made a significant contribution to the advancement of our understanding of the mechanisms and treatment of metastatic breast cancer, but his work and that of the other Tulane scientists has been undertaken in spite of the difficulties that New Orleans has faced over the past year. I congratulate him for his innovative research and his motivation.”

About the Award
Dr Jones presented his work at Tulane Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, during the Mauvernay Research Excellence Seminar, which was set-up jointly by Tulane University and Debiopharm with the objective of facilitating an exchange forum between oncology scientists, clinicians and experts. Six other Tulane faculty researchers were also recognized for their cutting-edge work, presented in poster format.

This year’s panel of distinguished guest speakers included Drs. Brian Druker, Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Oregon Health & Science University Cancer Institute; Priscilla Furth, Professor and Director of Cellular and Molecular Biology Division, Georgetown University and Paul Marks, President Emeritus and Member of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Debiopharm also sponsors the Mauvernay Research Excellence Fund, for the discovery of new therapeutic agents which may be used in cancer treatment.

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