Debio 1562M, a next generation Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) targeting CD37 for AML and MDS treatment

Poster presented at 65th ASH Annual Meeting

Lisa Ivanschitz1, Josée Hue-Perron1, Léo Marx2, Marie-Claude Roubaudi-Fraschini1, Caroline Peet1, Nathalie Bellocq2, Esthela Artiga3, Karilyn Larkin3, Riccardo Colombo1

1 Debiopharm, Chemin Messidor 5-7, CH-1006 Lausanne, Switzerland
2 Debiopharm Research & Manufacturing, Rue du Levant 146, CH-1920 Martigny, Switzerland
3 The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology, Columbus, Ohio


In this poster we describe Debio 1562M, a new antibody ADC directed against CD37.  We first demonstrate that it is stable and specific. Then, we
validate that CD37 is expressed and efficiently internalized in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) models, allowing a good anti-tumoral activity of Debio 1562M. Successful AML cells killing is achieved in vitro and in vivo, from cell lines and cell derived xenograft (CDX) models to patient samples and patient derived xenograft (PDX) models. Finally, we compared AML CD37 expression and internalization pattern to healthy and malignant B cells. Interestingly, despite significant higher expression in B cells, total intracellular accumulation is similar, emphasizing CD37 as a target of choice for AML treatment with this ADC.