Deploying the Genedata Profiler Platform for Value Creation in Debiopharm’s Drug Development Process

Presented at Genedata Biopharma Partner Symposium 2024

Simone Ragusa, Jeannette Fuchs, Hélène Cannelle, Franck Brichory, Carolina Haefliger


Debiopharm has recently adopted Genedata Profiler (PRO) as a key platform for leveraging translational data value. We are integrating PRO in the Translational Medicine Department (TM), adapting data structure with the long-term objective of using the platform as our data analysis tool for our research and development. Here we present examples of how PRO is being used for value creation on our data: the speed and precision in data validation, harmonization of data analysis, increased depth of analysis, and the possibility to create preclinical meta-analyses.