Design and preclinical profile of CH5183284/Debio 1347, a novel orally available and selective FGFR inhibitor acting on a gatekeeper mutant of FGFR2

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H. Ebiike (1), N. Taka (1), Y. Nakanishi (1), N. Akiyama (1), F. Sawamura (2), K. Morikami (1), M. Matsushita (1), M. Ohmori (1), K. Takami (1), I. Hyohdoh (1), M. Kohchi (1), T. Hayase (1), H. Nishii (1), N. Ishii (1), H. Matsuoka (1)

Abstract – Presented at AACR 2014, San Diego, CA, USA

(1) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan

(2) Chugai Research Institute for Medical Science, Inc., Japan