Equal-Pay Certification

At Debiopharm, we believe that all forms of diversity are a valuable source of creativity and innovation. We strive to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities for all talent, fostering decisions based on merit, qualifications, and abilities.

Promoting equality in the workplace is part of our DNA and supported by longstanding policies to manage pay rigorously.

Equal Pay and Debiopharm

Our analysis

Our equal pay analysis was carried out by the Debiopharm HR team with the support of Willis Towers Watson in our Lausanne Headquarters and with the support of CEPEC in our production site in Martigny, world leading experts in compensation.

The analysis and the results were then validated by an independent auditor in compliance with the Swiss Law.

As a result

As a result of fully living our values, we are extremely proud to report that, at Debiopharm, we pay men and women equally for equal work. In other words, we do not have a pay equity gap between men and women.

What’s next?

While we are delighted with this result, we also understand that success can only be measured over time, particularly for the initiatives related to equality. We want to ensure this result stays the same and our goal is to continue to monitor gender as well as other forms of equality, diversity and inclusion at work.

We are committed to building a relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, trust that each person will be valued for their contributions to our success, independently from their gender or who they are. We believe this sense of fairness sits at the heart of the employee experience we want to offer at Debiopharm and that this result also represents one of our many contributions for a better society.