Fosanis Expands to Assist Cancer Patients in Great Britain

Our portfolio company, Fosanis, is expanding in the UK and will collaborate with known British  cancer research centers. After tens of thousands of people in Germany have already benefited from Mika, cancer patients in the UK can now also use this app free of charge.

With its digital cancer assistant Mika, the German health tech company Fosanis seeks to bridge gaps in oncology care and empower patients with personalized therapy support available 24/7.

The strong physical and mental stresses to which cancer patients are exposed don’t stop at national and language borders. Neither should the support for these people. Our expansion into the UK is a big step which was enabled by last year’s Series A financing

explains Dr. Gandolf Finke, founder of Mika and CEO of Fosanis GmbH

Our investment in Fosanis was driven by our belief in the use of their technology to help as many cancer patients as possible regain a better quality of life.

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