Genialis and Debiopharm set up biomarker discovery collaboration

Our portfolio company Genialis, the RNA-biomarker company have reached an agreement with Debiopharm to define and discover biomarkers within the DNA Damage Repair (DDR) biology space to predict the clinical benefit of one or more drugs in Debiopharm’s pipeline. The initial phase kicked off this month, deploying Genialis’ biology-first, machine learning-enabled ResponderID framework to develop predictive biomarkers for DDR-directed therapies.

Many cancers exhibit deficiencies in one or more DNA damage response pathways. Various classes of approved and investigational drugs aim to exploit known sensitivities; however, the heterogeneous biology of DNA damage response means that one drug only fits some, and combinations may prove essential. Biomarkers will help select patients whose cancer biologies are best suited to treatment with the right drug targeting the active disease mechanism.

Debiopharm continues to lead the oncology field in adopting artificial intelligence solutions at various stages across our preclinical and clinical development programs. Genialis’ expertise and cutting-edge technologies are an ideal fit to help us make the smartest translational decisions and advance our drugs to reach the right patients

said Bertrand Ducrey, CEO of Debiopharm.

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