Iktos and Elsevier announce their partnership

Combining the world’s largest chemistry database, Reaxys from Elsevier, with cutting-edge AI from Iktos, the advanced platform will enable pharmaceutical companies to identify preclinical drug candidates faster.  The new tools will be delivered via Reaxys’ user-friendly interface and APIs, accelerating research for synthetic, medicinal, computational and process chemistry teams at pharmaceutical, agro-chemical and contract research organizations.

Yann Gaston-Mathé, CEO of Iktos said:

Data is the foundation of AI, and we are very excited to partner with Elsevier. We will combine the strength of Reaxys, a chemistry reaction database with unmatched volume, diversity, and quality, with Iktos’ leading edge retrosynthesis AI technology. We are committed to making our technology available to R&D organizations around the world to maximize the impact of AI on the productivity of drug discovery.

Access to their full press release here