Generative AI for small molecule drug discovery

Iktos is an innovative company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions applied to chemical research, more specifically medicinal chemistry and new drug design. The use of Iktos technology platform enables major productivity gains in upstream pharmaceutical R&D.

The company is headquartered in Paris, France

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Why we invested in Iktos?

Discovering and progressing new compounds down the drug development funnel is a lengthy, costly process. Getting to a drug candidate typically requires iterative experiments in the lab, which can be a slow process with uncertain outcomes. Drug design, especially lead optimization, can represent up to 70% of the total pre-clinical cost.
Generative AI applied to the drug-discovery process accelerates every step, from hit identification to lead optimization. We see the AI-drug discovery space getting to an inflection point: AI/ML techniques are improving fast; computing power is accelerating exponentially, and high-quality data sets are increasingly available to train the models.
Iktos is well positioned to win in this space, having built not only an innovative and easy to use generative modelling platform, but also robust medicinal chemistry expertise through more than 50 collaborations with leading pharma companies. It is also the only platform with built-in synthetic accessibility, for faster transitions from the in-silico to the in-vitro environments.

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