a start-up in digital therapy for pain and anxiety management

Oncomfort is the inventor and leader in Digital Sedation™, a completely new method for relieving patients’ pain and anxiety before, during and after medical interventions. The company was born from an experience of one of the co-founders’ family member battling cancer – seeing the impact of pain and anxiety on quality of life led to a search of better tools to help patients. Oncomfort is now setting a new medical standard by combining clinical hypnosis and evidence-based integrative therapy techniques through virtual reality. The company is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

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Why we invested in Oncomfort

Cancer patient journey includes tremendous amount of stress. The clinical methods for diagnosing and treating cancer cause pain and anxiety to the patients. Debiopharm develops drugs for cancer, but we also want to see that patients are treated on a holistic level. In Oncomfort we saw a way to help patients beyond the pill. With the strong clinical data supporting Oncomfort’s approach we are confident of the power of Digital Sedation. And having ourselves tested the Sedakit(TM), we can tell from our own experience that Oncomfort will change lives.

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Debiopharm tested the Oncomfort's Digital Sedation™ technology

The top management of Debiopharm stepped up to try the technology

Oncomfort gave Debiopharm the chance to try their Digital Sedation™ technology for themselves. This allowed our management team to better understand how virtual reality can actually help patients control pain and anxiety without medication. The experience took place at the Swiss Pain Institute in Lausanne in July 2020.


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