Strategikon Pharma

A revolutionary way to plan, budget and source clinical trials

Strategikon Pharma is a technology company specialized in developing software solutions that optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trial business operations. Their innovative platform, Clinical Maestro, offers comprehensive tools for planning, outsourcing, financial,contract and vendor management of clinical trials, enabling businesses to generate unprecedented insights and analytics into their clinical portfolios and service providers’ performance.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California


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Why we invested in Strategikon Pharma

We believe that Strategikon Pharma’s innovative technology will significantly improve efficiency within clinical trials. Strategikon Pharma has made great strides in revolutionizing clinical trial business operations with its unique software platform, Clinical Maestro™. The reliability of benchmarking and forecasting/reforecasting, coupled with ease of use makes this unique platform an innovative tool for digitising business processes and associated decision-making to conduct trials more rapidly, efficiently, and accurately. By replacing Excel and outdated point solutions with their platform, they provide business users with actionable insights and faster processes.

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