Novel digital biomarkers for clinical outcome assessments

VivoSense develops novel digital biomarkers from wearable sensor data.  VivoSense’s informatics platform for data analysis from wearable and connected technologies enables development of validated digital clinical outcome assessments (COAs) for life science research. The platform will respond to constraints in cancer research and care by delivering real-world digital clinical measures from wearable sensors, helping to advance patient focused drug development and precision medicine for cancer patients.

The company is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.

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Why we invested in VivoSense

By leveraging the passive nature of wearable and connected technologies, disease and treatment side effects can be objectively assessed and transmitted to clinical professionals without increasing patient or care-giver burden. This is a significant advantage over clinic-based assessments which place the burden on the patient or caregiver to remember and assess a plethora of complicated physiological and behavioral parameters.

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Press Releases