Clinical trial data management platform – Next Generation EDC

YonaLink automatically retrieves accurate patient data from thousands of medical centers to the clinical trial database (EDC), allowing patients anywhere to participate in clinical trial. YonaLink leverages live clinical trial data streaming from patient EHR to the trial database, to increase enrolment and ensure patient safety by providing quicker notification of issues, and by eliminating any errors found today in manual data capture.​

The company is Based in Boston, USA.

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Why we invested in YonaLink

We believe their unique Next Generation EDC can bring significant gains and efficiencies in the way Debiopharm and other trial sponsors conduct clinical trials. With YonaLink, it becomes possible to automatically and instantly retrieve clinical trial data from EHRs to the clinical trial database. This reduces the number of manual errors but also, real time data access helps solve patient safety issues, and speeds up critical decision making. Ultimately, with YonaLink, we can save on study costs while also speeding up time to market.

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