Debiopharm Strategic Fund announces FDA clearance of Portfolio Company Immunexpress’ first Test

Lausanne, Switzerland – March 02, 2017 – Debiopharm Innovation Fund SA (Debiopharm –, the strategic fund of the Debiopharm Group™, a Swiss-based global biopharmaceutical company, is proud to announce that Immunexpress Inc. (Immunexpress) has received FDA clearance of its first sepsis test, SeptiCyte™ LAB. This is the first of a family of sepsis tests based on the patient’s inflammatory “host” response as opposed to detection of pathogens.

Debiopharm’s strategic fund concentrates on technologies in oncology and infectious disease that add high medical value. The fund is highly involved in its investment portfolio companies, bringing a lot of value over and above simple financing, including active board representation, help with management, and participation in technical and other committees. Debiopharm strives to help its portfolio companies achieve technical milestones and market success.

Immunexpress is a molecular diagnostic company committed to improving outcomes for suspected sepsis patients and healthcare providers. Debiopharm has supported Immunexpress since an early collaboration and equity investment in 2012, becoming the largest shareholder. This is the latest in a series of portfolio companies achieving regulatory clearance leading the way to market launch with the strong support of Debiopharm including Biocartis, GenePOC, Diagnoplex, and now Immunexpress.

“We are very proud and excited for the Immunexpress team that they have reached this important milestone,” said Thierry Mauvernay, Co-President and Delegate of the Board of the Debiopharm Group. He added “it is one more concrete illustration of how, with the Group strategic fund’s support and contribution, which goes far beyond financial aid, we are able to help our innovative portfolio companies realize their potential and have a positive impact on healthcare.”

About Sepsis
Sepsis is a complication caused by a patient’s overwhelming and life-threatening immune response to infection and can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death in 30 to 50% of cases. Every few seconds, someone in the world dies of sepsis. It is the primary cause of death from infection, despite advances in modern medicine like vaccines, antibiotics, and intensive care. It is the most expensive in-patient cost in U.S. hospitals, totaling over $20 billion each year. Currently, confirmation of a clinical diagnosis of sepsis relies on pathogen detection, which can take up to several days.

About Immunexpress
Immunexpress is a Seattle-based molecular diagnostic company committed to improving outcomes for patients suspected of sepsis. Immunexpress’ SeptiCyte™ technology rapidly quantifies, directly from whole blood, specific molecular markers from the patient’s own immune system – the “host response”. Detecting the host’s response to infection has the potential to aid in the differentiation of infection earlier, faster and more accurately than finding the invading pathogen because it is independent of whether or not the pathogen is present in the sample. Immunexpress’ pipeline includes several assays for readily available instruments, including random access, point-of-care (POC) and sample-to-answer.
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About Debiopharm Innovation Fund SA
Part of Debiopharm Group™, a Swiss-headquartered global biopharmaceutical group of five companies, Debiopharm Innovation Fund’s mission is to invest in companies developing innovative therapeutics, diagnostics and smart data solutions that change the way we develop drugs and treat patients. Since 2008, the company has invested nearly USD 100 million and led 10 out of the 14 last investment rounds in its portfolio company.
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