Debiopharm Diagnostics leads investment round in GenePOC with Emerillon Capital

GenePOC is a Canadian company which has developed a rapid, innovative, low cost MDx platform for the detection of infectious diseases

Lausanne, Switzerland – January 13, 2015 – Debiopharm Diagnostics, part of Debiopharm Group™, is proud to be the lead investor in GenePOC, who are developing a highly innovative, low cost and quick MDx (Molecular Diagnostics) platform. Debiopharm Diagnostics led this investment round together with Emerillon Capital and will become the largest shareholder in GenePOC.

Prof. Michel G. Bergeron, Director and Founder of the Infectious Disease Research Center at Université Laval and Founder of GenePOC, with his research group, conceived this simple microfluidic real-time PCR device that is easy for almost anyone to operate whether at bedside, in the emergency room, in physician offices, in pharmacies, or even in dispensaries in the developing world. “It fulfils my dream of moving from classical Pasteur microbiology taking up to two days, to near patient <1h diagnostic results which guide appropriate management of patients on the spot,” says Dr. Bergeron.

“The investment in GenePOC confirms our strong belief in the future success of Point of Care technologies. GenePOC technology has the potential to be a game changer and should be on the market in 2016.” said David Deperthes, CEO of Debiopharm Diagnostics.

“With GenePOC’s platform we will be able to revolutionize diagnosis of infectious diseases. It addresses the critical issues of rapidity and affordability, to give the first viable alternative to the current standard and time-consuming approach of microbial culture. We are delighted to have Debiopharm Diagnostics and Emerillon Capital as key investors,” said Patrice Allibert, CEO of GenePOC.

Ludovic André, Managing Director of Emerillon Capital added: “GenePOC has the capability to offer a simple and accurate solution for Point of Care testing, and at an affordable cost which is pre-requisite to democratize this emerging diagnostic area. Emerillon is proud to support this project driven by a world-class team in the field of molecular diagnostic.”

“With the emergence of bacterial antibiotic resistance the treatment paradigm needs to be changed and the new generation of targeted antibiotics will require associated rapid low-cost diagnostics. Our Group will continue to invest on both therapeutic and diagnostic sides to tackle this important issue,” stated Thierry Mauvernay, Delegate of the Board, Debiopharm Group™.

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Debiopharm Diagnostics’ mission is to invest in innovative diagnostic companies developing platforms and content to complement in-house diagnostic activities, give insight into cutting-edge diagnostics and facilitate access to new technologies. Since 2008, Debiopharm Diagnostics has invested over USD 85 million and led 9 out of the 13 last investment rounds in its portfolio companies.
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About GenePOC
Located in Québec city, Canada, GenePOC Inc. is a privately owned company that develops cost-effective and rapid molecular devices to detect genes at Point-of-Care. GenePOC has developed a simple and integrated portable instrument for the prevention and early detection of infectious diseases based on a unique centripetal technology platform. For more:

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Launched in Montreal in June 2013, Emerillon Capital is a $100M venture capital fund empowered by a strong transatlantic partnership between Groupe Crédit Mutuel – CIC and Mouvement Desjardins. Emerillon Capital is dedicated to support and develop technology companies in Canada and the northeastern USA.
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