Kaiku Health and the Geneva University Hospitals implement digital symptom monitoring for COVID-19 patients in Switzerland

Kaiku Health has developed PROHUG, a daily symptom monitoring module for COVID-19 patients, in co-operation with the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

PROHUG  will be used for remote monitoring of patients diagnosed with or suspected of having a COVID-19 infection. Monitoring will take place through a digital platform used both by patients and health care professionals. Based on the patients’ daily symptom reports, the platform automatically triages patients’ incoming daily symptom reports and sends notifications to the dedicated COVID-19 care personnel for further assessment. According to clinical evaluation, the patient is either suggested to continue follow-up or come to the emergency room where a team will be waiting for them for hospital admission.

Kaiku Health platform has already been in routine use at the Geneva University Hospitals for symptom management of cancer patients. In March, the use of the platform was decided to be rapidly extended for remote monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms.

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