A versatile conjugation platform for antibodies

AbYlink™ is an antibody conjugation technology ideally suited for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Thanks to AbYlink™, cytotoxic or imaging cargos can be selectively attached to the Fc portion of any IgG without prior modification of the antibody. This technology preserves the original affinity of the antibody to its target.

Our value proposition

To provide a solution to biotech or pharma partners to generate rapidly a proprietary antibody drug conjugates or imaging antibody. Our technology is compatible with any human IgG as well as with bispecifc antibodies and protein-Fc fusions.

Our proprietary conjugation technology AbYlink™ can be accessed on a target or antibody-specific basis.
As a first step, we welcome the opportunity to showcase the advantages of our proprietary AbYlink™ platform under a joint Proof-of-Concept study.

Key features

  • Defined, reproducible and invariable conjugation with no impact on antigen-binding regions
  • Homogenous antibody conjugation
  • Conjugation process completed in less than 1 hour
  • Non enzymatic conjugation process
  • No prior antibody purification or modification necessary
  • Compatible with most linker technologies for Antibody Drug conjugations
  • Compatible with most imaging agents for use as PET, SPECT and fluorescent tracers
  • Compatible with all IgG formats
  • GMP-compatible technology

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