New Genialis RNA biomarker accurately predicts KRAS outcomes in lung cancer patients

Genialis,  presented a poster at AACR 2024 on a new AI/ML classifier, Genialis™ krasID, that accurately predicts clinical benefit in a real-world cohort of patients who received sotorasib, a KRAS inhibitor currently approved for KRAS G12C non-small cell lung cancers. The early results demonstrate that their classifier can predict response and stratify durable benefit in experimental and clinical settings.

Genialis recognizes an urgent need for patients with lung, colorectal and pancreatic cancers to have access to more informative diagnostic tests that steer them to the best possible medicines for their disease. We’re just at the dawn of being able to treat KRAS-driven cancers. With Genialis krasID, we can provide the most complete picture of the diseases we’re trying to defeat, and a plan for how to win.

said Rafael Rosengarten, PhD, CEO of Genialis.

Access to their full press release here