Nucleai and GoPath Diagnostics announce strategic collaboration

This collaboration aims to offer AI-powered digital pathology solutions for clinical trials and diagnostics and foster innovative research by combining Nucleai’s expertise in spatial biology and AI with GoPath’s access to multi-modal real-world data, world-class lab services, and cutting-edge molecular capabilities. This will support clinicians and biopharma partners throughout all stages of oncology and immunology drug development.

The use of AI spatial biomarkers to make treatment decisions is inevitable, and it’s not a question of if but when. As pioneers in this field, Nucleai is making sure that AI spatial biomarkers are actionable sooner than people think. The partnership with GoPath is a critical step in realizing this vision by complementing our AI spatial capabilities with their digital pathology expertise so we can deploy AI spatial biomarkers into clinical and diagnostic use for broader adoption

says Avi Veidman, CEO and Co-Founder of Nucleai

Access to their full press release here