Debio 4126

Debio 4126 is sustained-release formulation designed to improve the performance and convenience of somatostatin analogue​ (SSA) therapy for the treatment of acromegaly. The safety and efficacy of this SSA 3-month formulation is currently under investigation. The application of Debiopharm’s novel, injectable sustained release expertise would help acromegaly patients reduce injection frequency from once every 4 weeks to once every 12 weeks. Debiopharm is seeking partners with expertise in rare diseases/orphan drugs and/or in endocrinology or oncology for the further development of this compound in order to dramatically improve convenience for patients.

About Acromegaly

Acromegaly is a rare condition characterized by excess of growth hormones and elevated insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-I) levels. It is attributed in the vast majority of cases to a pituitary adenoma, a benign tumor of the pituitary gland. Patients can experience cardiovascular and metabolic comorbidities, accompanied with increased mortality if left untreated. The most common symptoms include enlargement of extremities, such as hands and feet and coarse facial features followed by headaches, macroglossia, increased sweating, arthralgias, increased skin thickness, snoring, tiredness and carpal tunnel syndrome. The disease involves a considerable delay between symptom onset and diagnosis. Treatment options for acromegaly include surgery, radiotherapy and medical therapies such as somatostatin receptor ligands. A 12-week SSA formulation would increase patient convenience and compliance.