Risklick joins Debiopharm Innovation Fund Portfolio

Continuing our commitment to broaden our digital health portfolio, our Fund has recently welcomed a new seed-stage company.

Risklick is a company focused on revolutionizing clinical trial protocol development through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Their flagship product, Protocol AI, empowers experts in the field to conduct faster, more cost-effective, and safer clinical trials, thereby driving medical innovation.

Protocol AI optimizes protocol development by leveraging data-driven insights from a comprehensive dataset of global historical trial data. This method not only reduces both time and costs but also ensures consistency across trials.

By using Protocol AI, experts can reduce protocol development time, make evidence-based decisions, and minimize the likelihood of amendments. The process involves three steps: exploring historical trial data, selecting key parameters based on evidence, and efficiently developing tailored protocols with generative AI. This approach accelerates innovation and the delivery of new treatments to patients, paving the way for medical advancement.

This investment in RiskLick is part of our strategy to equip our collaborators in the R&D, Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs departments with a collaborative tool designed to enhance their workflows, facilitate trial design and support regulatory compliance. We are committed to addressing internal pain points by introducing or supporting through innovative solutions

Cedric Odje, Investment Associate at Debiopharm Innovation Fund.

Our mission is to empower our customers to increase the likelihood of trial success and bring new treatments to patients faster. We are on a mission to revolutionize clinical trial protocol development with our disruptive approach and technology.  Our vision is to become the standard in clinical trial protocol development, making trials faster, cheaper and safer for the benefit of all.

Dr. Poorya Amini CEO and co-founder of Risklick.