Shooting for the stars: The healthtech using cosmology and AI to try to cure cancer

Debiopharm Innovation Fund’s new seed investment in Concr is part of a strategic evolution to expand from Series A investments, of around €2-5m, to include smaller pre-Series A deals. Concr is Debiopharm’s fourth seed investment, with interest sparked at a chance meeting at a biotech event. The fund is expecting to make 10-15 seed investments annually, with a fifth already approved, and to become major investors at the Series A stage where they like the direction of the company.

These earlier stage companies allow us to see further into the future of life science technologies . The idea is to put in smaller cheques, as a foot in the door. We are not expecting to be involved on boards of directors, we take a very small minority position and we watch the company while we are helping them develop,” says Tom Gibbs, Senior Investment Director at Debiopharm Innovation Fund.

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