BC Platforms Partners with NTT to Accelerate Data-Driven Medicine in Japan

Our portfolio company, BC Platforms (BCP),  announces a strategic partnership with NTT in Japan to accelerate data-driven medicine. This collaboration will introduce a national medical data distribution platform to integrate, curate, and harmonize Japanese healthcare data. The primary goal of the partnership is to provide a positive impact on patients through personalized medicine. Financial details are not disclosed.
The key benefit is that this partnership with NTT ensures BC Platforms technology solutions (Trusted Research Environment Platform) usage at scale in Japan. It makes BCP a leading combined data and technology company in Asia.

The partnership with NTT gives BC Platforms a strong foothold in the Japanese market. Our goal is to build the world’s largest health data network. With NTT’s innovative capabilities, we can offer pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies unique and seamless access to real-world data, making it easier, faster and more complete than any other alternative.

said Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms.

Access to their full press release here