Did you miss Debiopharm’s panel discussion on clinical trials in the digital future?

Frontiers Health Conference 2020 · Discover the main topics that we discussed during our panel discussion

On Thursday, November 12th, Tanja Dowe, CEO of Debiopharm’s digital health investment activities, led a dynamic panel discussion during the Frontiers Health Virtual conference. The session highlighted how the digital health technology and artificial intelligence is transforming clinical research and patient experience. The discussion included presentations from CEOs of Debiopharm’s portfolio investment companies such as Carevive, Novadiscovery, and NucleAI along with special guests from Biogen and Make Helsinki.

You missed our panel discussion? Watched now the video to discover the highlights!

Here are a few thought provoking points made by our panelists

  •   “Computers have gotten smaller and cheaper over the years as technology has developed, but the opposite has happened with pharma – drugs just get more complex and more expensive,” expressed Avi Viedman, CEO of Nucleai, “We need to bring engineering sciences to biology.”
  • “As in silico drug development and other virtual technologies are adopted, trials will become smaller and faster. But the drug development industry will not shrink – there will be more trials but smaller and more targeted” explained Francois-Henri Boissel, CEO of Novadiscovery.
  • Shibeshih Belachew from Biogen raised the question, “What do digital biomarkers and digital endpoints mean? From patients using digital tools we can collect hundreds of digital features that capture dimensions of a disease – we need to transform these measures to disease insights, we need to change the angle on how we capture and predict disease trajectory.”
  • “Patient focused drug development goes beyond the focus on efficacy and safety – patient experience data enables pharma companies to understand the burden of the treatment to patients,” affirmed Madelyn Trupkin Herzfeld, CEO of Carevive. She went on to explain, “FDA Framework on what constitutes good patient experience data, that can be used in submissions, will come out this year.”
  • Petteri Kolehmainen, CEO of Make Helsinki reminded us that “Every patient today is also a digital consumer – study subjects are consuming more and more data. And people are interested in their health. This enables patient-centric recruitment through digital channels”.

We are thrilled that these insights are being into translated the building blocks for the future of digital health. We remain hopeful that these accelerated changes will improve both clinical development and help patients better manage their disease and remain committed to investing in the vision of digital health and smart data entrepreneurs worldwide.