Genialis and Cancer Research Horizons Collaborate to Develop AI-Driven Patient Classifiers

Our portfolio company , Genialis, the RNA-biomarker company,  announced a new data-sharing collaboration with Cancer Research Horizons (CRH), the innovation arm of Cancer Research UK. Under the terms of the collaboration, CRH will make anonymized and curated datasets with ‘omics and clinical metadata available to Genialis to validate Genialis ResponderID™ technology and machine learning-derived patient classifiers.

Drug discovery has never been more exciting, as we get better and better at hitting previously ‘undruggable’ targets. KRAS is one of the oldest known but also most stubborn oncogenes to attack. We now have the opportunity to ensure these new drugs make it to the right patients

said Rafael Rosengarten, Ph.D., CEO of Genialis.

Access to their full press release here