Kaiku Health (exited)

a digital health start-up creating value for cancer patients

Kaiku Health provides a personalized digital health intervention for every cancer patient. Treatment modality specific algorithms screen symptoms, alert care team and provide personalized support for patients in order to optimize the personal care journeys. This means a better patient experience and quality of life for patients, increased vigilance and clinical efficiency for healthcare providers and delivery of RWD on the effectiveness of therapies. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and was acquired by Elekta in May 2020.

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Why we invested in Kaiku Health

Debiopharm develops for patients, and this slogan means we go beyond the pill. We see that the future of patient care has to be a holistic experience, from diagnosis to treatment to monitoring and everything in between. Kaiku Health helps patients stay looked after and cared for in their daily lives, not just when they visit the doctor. At the same time, the RWD from patients provides invaluable information about treatment outcomes and quality of life of patients. This helps us become a better drug developer.

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Meet Lauri Sippola

CEO and Founder of Kaiku Health

In 2018, Debiopharm invested in Kaiku Health, launching us on an exciting journey toward a successful exit acquisition by Elekta in 2020. Meet Kaiku’s dynamic Founder and CEO , Lauri Sippola.

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