Whitelab Genomics

AI/ML for Genomic therapies

Whitelab Genomics (Paris) uses AI to speed up pre-clinical discovery and development for gene therapies. They harmonize and ingest multiple multi-omics data sources, then analyze with AI to discover targets and design payloads and vectors for gene therapy.

The company is headquartered in Paris, France.

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Why we invested in WhiteLab Genomics

Gene therapy, although in its infancy, is an important therapeutic modality of the future. In-silico approaches will be increasingly used at all stages of drug discovery and development for all modalities, and this is expected to radically impact the time taken and the success of new drug development. This investment may be seen as complementary to our investment in Mekonos, and will allow us to further learn about gene therapy and deepen our understanding of in-silico approaches to drug development.

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