Sanofi, WhiteLab Genomics, the TaRGeT Laboratory at Nantes University, and Institut Imagine launch WIDGeT to make France a global leader in gene therapy.

Our portfolio company, Whitelab Genomics, announce the launch of the WIDGeT consortium (Viral Vector Intelligent Design for Gene Therapy) to accelerate the development of AAV-based gene therapies for the treatment of rare to common diseases (including kidney and eye diseases) by developing next-generation AAV vectors through artificial intelligence (AI) in partnership with Sanofi, Imagine Institute of Genetic Diseases, and Nantes Université.

WIDGeT is financially supported by the France 2030 plan operated by Bpifrance with a 17.95 million euro budget. Its mission is to fast-track gene therapy for conditions like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and hereditary podocytopathies (kidney diseases) and Its key focus on Aerificial Intelligence aims to enhance the effectiveness of gene therapies, reduce side effects, and lower production costs.

We are delighted to expand our collaboration with Sanofi and initiate partnerships with Institut Imagine and the TaRGeT Laboratory at Nantes University in the development of new genomic medicines. We believe that our technologies have the potential to revolutionize biopharmaceutical development and are confident that this consortium will have a significant impact on patient care. Together, we will turn this vision into reality,

declares David Del Bourgo, CEO and co-founder of WhiteLab Genomics.

Access to their full press release here