New linker for high DAR ADCs

Multilink™ is a new cleavable linker platform compatible with any conjugation technology to produce ADCs with high DAR (drug-to-antibody ratio).

Our value proposition

To allow any biotech or pharma company with an antibody to generate a proprietary clinical-stage ADC (using our Linker Multilink™) that is significantly more effective and better tolerated. Multilink™ is a unique and innovative technology in that it allows the loading of multiple payloads on an antibody

We can generate nonclinical proof-of-concept (POC) material in just a few weeks. Our proprietary linker Multilink™ is suited for ADC technologies, it can be accessed by partners on a target-specific basis. As a first step, we welcome the opportunity to showcase the advantages of our proprietary linker Multilink™ under a joint POC study.


  1. New linker system for highly efficient and selective drug release
  2. Potential increased therapeutic window
  3. Formation of high DAR ADCs
  4. Tunable drug release kinetics
  5. Compatible with all antibody formats and various payloads
  6. Suitable for payload combinations
  7. Compatible with various conjugation technologies including site specific technologies
  8. GMP compatible technology

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