Novadiscovery announces new demonstration of the predictive power of an in silico clinical trial in oncology

Our portfolio company, Novadiscovery, an AI-driven in silico clinical trial simulation leader, announced to have once again demonstrated the power of their simulation technology by predicting the findings of MARIPOSA Phase III clinical study.

Novadiscovery’s jinkō platform is developed by leaders in quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP). The company currently partners with half of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and drug development organizations to scale the application of clinical trial simulation technology in drug research and development.

This latest achievement crystallizes the role and potential of predictive simulation platforms in the realm of clinical trials. By successfully anticipating the results of these trials, Novadiscovery, in collaboration with partners like Janssen, sets the stage for a transformative approach to drug development, potentially leading to accelerated benefits for patients worldwide.

Access to their full press release here