pioneer of in silico medicine

Nova Discovery simulates clinical trials with virtual patients to de-risk research programs and optimize clinical development. With AI and virtual populations at the heart Nova’s in silico clinical trials platform Jinkō, Nova builds mathematical models of disease and treatment to optimise trial design, to capture best responders, and to demonstrate value to payers. The company is headquartered in Lyon, France.

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Why we invested in Novadiscovery

The pharma industry wants to contribute to making healthcare more affordable for patients, but the ever increasing regulatory requirements, lengthening timelines and skyrocketing cost of drug development do not make this an easy job. Nova introduces a new category, in silico clinical trials, that reduces the need for trial and error, helping pharma to focus on those treatments that more likely work for given patient groups. As model informed drug development has become a strategic priority also for reglators worldwide, Debiopharm wanted to partner with the best and build the future together.

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Meet François-Henri Boissel

CEO and Founder of Novadiscovery

This French native launched his company Novadiscovery in response to an insight about the exponential growth of scientific information. When his company reached a scale up stage for its in silico clinical trial platform, Francois-Henri sought out both financial and strategic investment. In January 2020, Debiopharm led the Series A round, establishing an ongoing collaborative business relationship. Learn more about CEO, François-Henri Boissel’s start-up journey.

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